Floral Hoop Artificial Orange Buttercup with Greenery 9" D

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Artificial Floral Hoop - Wedding Hoop / Bridal Hoop / Home Floral Decor


Greenery Leaves, Buttercup, Fern, Others


9.1" D
Please note that this is a hand crafted item by florist, each hoop has slight difference in shape and size


Silk Cloth, Glue, Plastic, Others


Green, Orange, Mixed Colors 

Speaking of wreaths, the first thing that comes to mind must be the girls in grass skirts that are filled with the Hawaiian feeling. Therefore, the wreath must also be first selection for bides that have the seashore nuptial. A lively and extraordinary seaside wedding should have the hoops fit the scene. Orange color is the most appropriate choice and adorn with a few greenery, when it tie-in with the white marriage dress, how elegant it will be! While choosing the flower color, it is better to combine your disposition with it. Just like the soppy and slavish white; enthusiastic red, warm and vivid orange and contemplative temperament purple. These 4 kinds of colors are very common to be used for floral hoop. The warm orange is combined with the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, which gives us the cheerful feeling of sunshine and a feeling of enthusiasm, but it won't let us have a radical charming feeling of red. The common orange flowers are including orange rose, daisy and buttercup. Especially the buttercup, its flower form is strange and fancy just like flying phoenix, with head, tail and wing to make a vivid image and just cannot help admiring the magical and wonderful nature.


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