About Us

What is Mac & Mabel?

Mac & Mabel is a modern transitional home decor and furnishings store. Mac represents the masculine side of design and Mabel, the feminine side. The back and forth - the dance, if you will - of nature and industry are a balance of function and style. 

In the early 90's, Keri discovered Broadway! The Extraordinary Bernadette Peters took off with her dreams - exuding confidence, with hair like hers, and a voice like she wanted to have. Ms. Peters starred in a Broadway play titled, Mack & Mabel, and Keri believes it to be a perfect analogy for her design philosophy of balance. 

Starting online in 2017, Pete and Keri took the risk of a lifetime and opened their first store front titled, Mac & Mabel Home Store in May of 2019.

The company is owned and managed by Keri and Pete Crossley. They raise their three children on the premise of hard work, optimism and gratitude.