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About Us

What is Mac & Mabel?

Mac represents the masculine side of design and Mabel, the feminine side. Together they are a balance of function and style.  Mac & Mabel inspires the designer in all of us. I scour, hunt and explore to curate quality furniture and decor pieces that make a house a home. If you are in the mood for charming, practical, beautiful, vintage, modern, industrial or rustic, you will find it here.

In my search to partner with high caliber manufacturers and wholesalers, I've also set a priority to work with up-and-coming companies, just as I am up-and-coming. A brand name is great, but quality and affordability together is better.

Who is Keri?

Designing a home has always been a huge interest for me, and it has also been a journey for me. My first room was decorated with an air mattress, plastic crates to hold my clothes, and Christmas lights stapled around the ceiling for “ambiance.” As a newly-wed, I shopped on craigslist for second-hand items, and fell in love with a sofa named “The Couch that Disney Threw-up On.” Then my husband, Pete, and I started to earn money, and we purchased a townhome and brand-new everything. It was so lovely - probably because things stayed clean when I cleaned them.

More than 15 years later, our family has grown from two to five, and we find ourselves back to second-hand, because it just makes sense with three amazing, lively, and growing boys. 

What I’ve learned is it’s how to put together a room, not how much is spent on the room. I grew to absolutely love interior design, and the items that make up a home. That’s why I established my own store - to make stylish, rustic modern décor more accessible.

How did I choose "Mac & Mabel"?

In the early 90's I was a scrawny, crazy-haired redhead with next-to-no confidence. I had a God-given talent in running, but no interest in pursuing it. The stage was much more appealing, even though many who knew me back then can tell you: I should have stuck with what I was good at. What they didn't know was I had discovered broadway! One that stood out was an original Broadway play that went by the name Mack & Mabel. The Extraordinary Bernadette Peters took off with my dreams - exuding confidence, with hair like mine, and a voice like I wanted to have. I worked hard and went from level zero to being chosen for a show choir as a senior in high school. Don't get me wrong - I'm not a singing sensation, but I learned to work hard for what I wanted.  Bernadette has stayed with me and now I'm using that to realize my dream. We have just opened our first brick and mortar in Redmond, Washington. Come say hi when you're in town.