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About Us

What is Mac & Mabel?

Mac & Mabel is a modern rustic home decor and furnishings store. Mac represents the masculine side of design and Mabel, the feminine side. Together they are a balance of function and style. The back and forth - the dance, if you will - of nature and industry create an atmosphere of serenity. We offer charming, practical, beautiful, vintage-inspired, modern, industrial and rustic home decor.

Our company is owned and managed by Keri Crossley, with the help of her Jack-of-all trades husband, Pete. They raise their three children on the premise of hard work, optimism and gratitude.

How did we choose "Mac & Mabel"?

In the early 90's Keri was a scrawny, crazy-haired redhead with next-to-no confidence. She had a God-given talent in running, but no interest in pursuing it. The stage was much more appealing, even though many who knew her back then can tell you: she should have stuck with what she was good at. What they didn't know was she had discovered broadway! One that stood out was an original Broadway play that went by the name Mack & Mabel. The Extraordinary Bernadette Peters took off with her dreams - exuding confidence, with hair like hers, and a voice like she wanted to have. Keri worked hard and went from level zero to being chosen for a show choir as a senior in high school. Don't get her wrong - she was not a singing sensation, but she learned to work hard for what she wanted.  Bernadette has stayed with her and is helping Keri to realize her next dream: a brick and mortar home decor store in Redmond, Washington. Come say hi when you're in town.