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Whetstones are the best way to keep your high-end knives sharp and healthy. The Folded Steel Whetstone Kit is an all-in-one package to keep your new blades screaming sharp for years to come. The 1000 grit stone will be your go-to stone to sharpen and repair dull and damaged blades. The 6000 grit stone is your polishing stage to refine your edge to razor blade status and polish is up to a mirror finish. 

This kit features a premium walnut base with a strip of purpleheart and maple down the center to perfectly match your Folded Steel Magnetic Knife Block and Cutting Board! The bottom is fitted with slip-resistant rubber feet for a stable and reliable work base. 

Keeping your stone perfectly flat is important and after you sharpen a few knives your stone will wear lower in some spots depending on your sharpening style and habits. This middle of the stone is often the most used portion and will start to concave after a while. We include a full-size flatting stone to ensure your stone stays perfectly flat, level, and performing its best. We recommend leveling your stones every 2-3 knives or as you start noticing a dip in the middle of the stone. 


The Folded Steel Whetstone Kit Includes:
-1000/6000 Grit Combo Stone
-Walnut Whetstone Base
-Flattening Stone
-Angle Guide

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