Artificial Fruit Loquat Stem Orange Yellow 15" Tall Silk Plant

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Silk Plant - Artificial Fruit - Handmade Artificial Fruit Stem




15" Tall


Latex Coated, Silk Cloth, Plastic


Orange, Yellow, Green, Mixed Colors

Modern people love to place some flowers and plants on their house to beautify their living atmosphere. No matter what kinds of flowers and plants to be chosen, what they bring to your house are all about goodness and beauty. We are now recommend the artificial fruits—we have the lifelike artificial loquat fruit stem in orange yellow! Beware not to eat them because the products are so real-like, if you have children, you should carefully tell them not to eat these delicious-like artificial loquat fruits!

Compare to the flowers, fruits provide a safer and harvest feelings to us. Since a long time ago, our ancestors celebrated the harvest with cereals and grains, foods and fruits, they danced around these harvested foods, be grateful to the God, and looked forward to tomorrow. Choose the fruits as the house decoration, you will feel the gratitude of food and warmth hidden in the blood.


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