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Wrought Iron Patio Dining Chairs

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Made by hand in America from quality wrought iron, these vintage patio chairs are not only stylish but also durable -- they are the perfect addition to your patio or any outdoor sitting area!

Their generous round seat and scooped back were made to provide maximum comfort while the seat pattern and curved bars add an elegant balance of style and flair. Due to its versatile nature these chairs are perfect for pairing with an outdoor table or used as standalone pieces for your indoor or outdoor space, adding a little bit of vintage charm to any area!

These patio chairs come with a specialized outdoor black paint on them. If you would like a different color, contact us for options! Outdoor powder coating is also available as an upgrade.

The Details:

  • Full product title: Wrought Iron Dining Chairs, Custom Wrought Iron Garden Chairs, Outdoor Patio Furniture, Garden Furniture, Wrought Iron Patio Chair, Dining
  • Height options: Chair, counter, bar
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