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Super Chunky Hand-Knit Blanket

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This hand-knit blanket is made from ultra-soft acrylic roving for remarkable warmth and weight without the worry of wool allergies. We say weight because these beauties weigh in at a whopping nine pounds! That being the case, these blankets can double as a weighted blanket for increased relaxation and security. Ships within 3 days of order placement.

  • New and improved material!
  • Anti-shedding, anti-pilling and machine washable
  • Made of 100% allergy-free acrylic roving
  • Approximately 50" wide x 65" long (because these are hand-made, measurements may slightly differ)
  • Wash cold with normal laundry soap by itself. Lay flat to dry completely.

    What's roving? Roving is a fiber that has not been spun yet. It is pleasantly soft and has a lovely weight to it. Being that it is not yet yarn, it still has a lot of give (or fluff) to it. Roving is stronger when weaved together into a blanket.

    These blankets are made-to-order by the owner, Keri, right here at Mac & Mabel.

    Fair warning: possible drowsiness may occur when using this product. Do not operate heavy machinery.