Elegant Green Floral Contemporary Wallpaper

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Welcome to the grandeur of uniQstiQ's Green Floral Wallpaper. These majestic pieces elevate beyond the size of our standard murals, offering a monumental scale for those who crave even more visual impact. Each long mural unfolds a stunning narrative across your walls, free from the constraints of repetition, making each inch of your space a unique spectacle.

Every long mural is engineered for effortless installation. Comprising of multiple panels, each 25 inches wide, they come together with a discreet quarter-inch overlap to form a seamless panorama. These masterpieces are designed to coalesce with the unique architecture of your space, accommodating windows, doors and other features with precision. Trimming during installation ensures an uninterrupted and harmonious display.

We offer two user-friendly options: peel and stick for smooth surfaces or pre-pasted wallpaper that incorporates an eco-friendly 10% post-consumer waste. Each variant ensures that your grand vision translates into an enchanting reality with minimal effort.

Made with integrity in the USA, our long murals assure fast delivery and high-quality standards. The Greenguard Gold certified inks used in our products protect your indoor environment, while adding an extraordinary visual element to your space. And for those seeking a slightly smaller scale, our murals collection awaits your exploration. Ready to transform your space into a breathtaking vista? Dive into the world of uniQstiQ's long mural collection!

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