Artificial Silk Orchid Bouquet Small Cymbidium Various Colors

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Faux Silk Artificial Flower - Handmade Silk Flower Bouquet


Cymbidium Orchid


3" Bloom X 9" Tall; 7 Stems per bouquet


Silk Cloth


Champagne Pink, Purple, Rose Purple, White, Mixed Colors 

Flowers are indispensable in life. Many lazy people are very easy to raise flowers to death, especially orchids that need a lot of care. Are there beautiful flowers that do not need to be given carful consideration to? Yes, there are. The simulated orchids in our shop can satisfy your wishes. There are all kinds of colors. Thus, we are convinced that there is always a color that can touch your heart. To begin with, the delicate orchid bouquet is made of high-grade silk material, which is pollution-free, washable. Secondly, it is extremely lifelike, giving you a good visual effect and letting you enjoy it, which can quickly ease your tension and relieve your stress. Thirdly, in the office, putting a bottle of orchid bouquet can share the relaxed mood of work with your colleagues. At home, putting a bottle of orchid bouquet can let you quietly enjoy the time staying at home. Not only does a busy office need its decoration, but also your study room, as well as the dining room and bedroom need its decoration. Finally, orchid bouquet implies that no matter how the world changes, you will always be my favorite.

 Please note that color difference does exist between images and actual product due to lighting in photography


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