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Pencil Cactus & Hanging Succulent Bush, 24"

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Add some green. Add some texture. Add some flow over the sides with this pencil cactus. Another member of the succulent family.

The Details:

  • Total length of stem from top to bottom: 5"
  • Splits 10.5" from the bottom of stem
  • 1 stem seen in primary photo
  • Sold by the stem
  • Is the item considered “real touch”? No
  • Can the item be cut? Yes, with good pair of wire cutters
  • Suitable for outside use: Yes! With that said, covering from the elements is always best. And the sun will cause the items to fade over time just like anything else! 

 If you have any questions specifically about this item, don’t hesitate to send us a message and we’ll tell you what we know.

24" Faux Pencil Cactus Hanging Succulent Bush

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