Tobacco & Bay

Tobacco & Bay

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In the heart of the grand mahogany library, a curious aroma danced through the air. Its enchanting blend of tobacco and bay leaf whispered tales of centuries-old leather-bound books that lined the towering shelves. A lively symphony of fir needle and bergamot top notes entwined with cedarwood's embrace. The base notes, rich tobacco and warm brandy, were a testament to the scent's strength, never overpowering but always captivating.

This magnificent fragrance, perfectly suited for any occasion, had the power to elevate every room it graced. And so, the legend of the tobacco and bay leaf scent began to spread far and wide, its essence a reminder of the wisdom and grandeur contained within the walls of that timeless library.


  • Top: Bay Leaf, Fir Needle
  • Middle: Cedarwood, Bergamot
  • Base: Tobacco
  • 55 hour burn time
  • 8.5 oz by weight (12 fl oz Jar)
  • Phthalate free
  • 100% Pure Soy Wax
  • Hand Poured in Saint Augustine Florida